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Ship vehicles to all 50-states
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Truthful Transport Inc. Review: Customer: Dave Date: 03/15/2012 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc. Subject: Moved 3 - items Opened and 1 - Enclosed Review:
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Angelica (09/07/2012)-Truthful Transport Inc.- “Excellent Service! - Love This Company!”
Truthful Transport Inc. Review: Customer: Angelica Date: 9/7/2012 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc. Subject: Excellent Service! Review:
Dave (03/15/2012)-Truthful Transport - “Moved 3-items Opened and 1-Enclosed” Dan (03/13/2012) - “Truthful Transport Was Great”
Truthful Transport Inc. Review: Customer: Dan Date: 03/13/2012 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc. Subject: Truthful Transport Was Great Review:
I needed to ship my 67 Camaro across the U.S. and first took the low cost quote from another company. After nearly 2 weeks, no pickup. I called Todd at Truthful Transport. He quoted me a current market price to get my car shipped in a hurry and by the end of the week it was picked up and on the way. I should of called them first. Todd understood my desperation and got the job done period. The transport company chosen was very professional and pick up and delievery was easy. It was on time and a relief. I would use Truthful Transport again for sure. Thanks, Dan
Todd and Nicole are always available and as honest and helpful as the day is long. They worked tirelessly to find us the kind of transport we wanted at the price we were willing to pay. Another company out of Florida who uses several different names took our deposit and stood us up 3 times with no communication and refused to refund our deposit due to the contract we e-signed. Todd and Nicole were such a relief to come across. They keep a constant line of communication available. We tried several other companies in the past and will never use anyone but Truthful Transport in the future. Feel free to email me about them and our awesome experience. Thanks
Love this company! Nicole literally saved us! My mom had already made a deal with a different company but then they were very rude, uncertain, and unprofessional. They left us hanging and didn't picked up my mom's car on-time. So my backup plan was to contact Truthful Transport. Nicole was our agent and let me tell you, she was excellent! It was already 5pm in california, 8pm in florida where their office is located (we leave the next day and that other company was supposed to find a truck and pickup our car the day before we leave but they didnot) so I called nicole and told her that I really need somebody to pickup my mom's car tomorrow since we are scheduled to leave later tomorrow. She immediately called the dispatchers or whatever you call them.. Next morning she called me with a good news & told me that there was a truck available later that day. Long story short, mom's car was picked up on-time! Nicole handled it on a very short notice! That's an example of an excellent customer service! Thanks truthful, thanks nicole!
Texas Cart Builder (03/10/2012) - Truthful Transport - “Great Customer Service”
Truthful Transport Inc. Review: Customer: Texas Cart Builder - Zack Date: 03/10/2012 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc. Subject: Great Customer Service Review:
Texas Cart Builder is proud to have as their transportation carrier team .Great People , Great Service , Great Broker Fee A+++++, Zack
Gene (03/05/2012) - “Texas to Alaska”
Truthful Transport Inc. Review: Customer: Gene Date: 03/05/2012 Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc. Subject: Enclosed Shipping from NH to FL Review:
Our car was shipped enclosed from NH to FL after we bought it on E-bay. The car came to us clean and just like it left NH. Our driver Ivan was very nice. Michael Dowdy was the man I talked with at Truthful and he was very good at keeping us informed. I have used some of the major carriers in the past and Truthful Transport was as good or better at a much better price.
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