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Ship vehicles to all 50-states
Truthful Transport Inc. Online Vehicle Shipping Order Terms & Conditions: By my signature affixed to this agreement or submitted using the Secure Online Vehicle Shipping Order Form, I hereby agree to the following transport terms provided by Truthful Transport Inc. My signature authorizes the quoted amount to be paid directly to Truthful Transport Inc. as a fee or as a payment in full for the authorized transport service. I also understand that if a Balance is Due on Delivery or Pick-up that it must be paid in full by means of money order, cashier's check or cash at the time of delivery/pick-up to the authorized transporter. I also understand that my reservation cost is being payed to Truthful Transport Inc. for posting my vehicle listing on a national auto moving network and for the processing of the order and this is the sole service in which Truthful Transport Inc. is responsible for. I also understand that once this contract is signed and received by Truthful Transport Inc. my reservation cost becomes non-refundable while in processing regardless of cancellation. I also understand that once a vehicle carrier has been dispatched to pick up my vehicle Truthful Transport Inc. has completed it's service. I also understand that all orders are subject to 15 business days in processing from the first available pick up date listed above. I also agree that I will pay the reservation cost due to Truthful Transport Inc. and will not seek to charge back a credit card or PayPal payment or dispute any charge once processing has began on my order or my vehicle has been delivered. If after 15 business days from the first available pick up date we have not assigned a carrier to the desired pick up location the customer can request a full refund. While every effort will be made to meet the customer's requested scheduling, no guarantee of pickup or delivery dates can be made. Delays may occur due to carriers schedules, mechanical failure schedules, inclement weather, and unforeseen circumstances. It is understood and agreed that if the assigned carrier attempts to pick up the vehicle and the vehicle cannot be released or is not available a "dry run" fee of $100.00 will be charged. In addition to agreement of the terms and conditions, I understand that the service will be contracted to a fully licensed and insured carrier. In that event, Truthful Transport Inc. will not be responsible for any negligence on the part of the contracted carrier. Any claims must be made with the carrier's insurance company who actually performed the transport service. Additionally, a fuel surcharge may be applicable to orders with a certain origin or destination location and I understand I will be notified if this does occur prior to a carrier picking up my vehicle. When transporting my car, I also understand that I as the Shipper am solely responsible for any personal belongings in the car. If my personal belongings in the car exceed 150lbs. I understand I am subject to a fee. I completely understand that this agreement is only valid with my signature affixed below/or when it is electronically authorized via e-sign or fax to Truthful Transport Inc. Any claims arising from this agreement shall be made in a court of competent jurisdiction in Palm Beach County, FL. Any alterations, modifications, and erasures made to this original agreement are null and void.
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Call Seven Days a Week
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